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The Ultimate Cash Buyer Finder: Revealed!!

Are you tired of the struggle to find active buyers in the competitive real estate market? Say goodbye to the hassle with Propwire, a game-changing free real estate data software. Follow these six power-packed steps to supercharge your efforts and discover a pool of eager cash buyers waiting for your next deal.

Step 1: Create Your FREE Propwire Account

Start your journey by creating a FREE account with Propwire.

Step 2: Target Your County

After setting up your account, dive into the platform and type in your county in the address search. This step ensures you narrow down your search to the specific area where you want to find active buyers.

Step 3: Select Cash Buyers from the Lead Types List

Refine your search by selecting "cash buyers" from the Lead Types List. This ensures you connect with buyers who are ready to make swift and cash-backed transactions, a key factor in successful real estate wholesaling.

Step 4: Choose Your Property Type

Tailor your search further based on the type of properties you are dealing with. From the "Property Types List," select "single-family homes" or "multi-family" depending on your target audience—whether you're looking for a single-family home buyer or a multi-family home buyer.

Step 5: Unlock the Sauce – Owner Filters and Financial Filters

Now, here's where the magic happens. Navigate to the "More" list and select "Owner Filters." Under "Properties Owned," set the "Min" section to 15. This ensures you find active buyers with substantial financial resources. Leave the "Max" section blank to cast a wider net.

Step 6: Master the Financial Filters

Under the same "More" tab, scroll down to the "Financial Filters" section. Here, focus on "Last Sale Date." Set the starting date to go back 6-9 months (example: 06/01/2023), and for the end date, choose today's date (01/13/2024). This filter unveils individuals, LLCs, and Trust Owners who have been active in the last 6-9 months and remain extremely active to this day.

Once you're done with all filters, press "Save and Close" and you should now be able to see all local cash buyers that are cash heavy and are very active today!

Congratulations! You've just uncovered the Ultimate Cash Buyer Hunt Hack for free with Propwire. These six steps empower you to pinpoint active and cash-ready buyers effortlessly, transforming your real estate wholesaling experience.

Ready to revolutionize your game? Dive into Propwire today and watch your success soar in the dynamic world of real estate wholesaling. Happy hunting!

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