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Our Services

  • Custom Session

    1 hr

    115 US dollars
  • Custom Session

    10 hr

    Price Varies
  • Module 01: Introduction to Real Estate/Wholesaling
    Overview of the wholesaling process Expectations Key terminology and concepts The importance of a strong mindset and goal-setting
  • Module 02: Lead Generation
    Market research Off-Market + On-Market properties Types of lists Keywords How to skip trace 20 lead rule
  • Module 03: Sales Process
    Building rapport Set Expectations Seller Scripts Agent Scripts Role play scenarios Hands on live cold calling
  • Module 04: Property Analysis
    Single Family and Multi Family property analysis Offer structure Comp Parameters Repair Costs
  • Module 05: Marketing Strategies
    Effective marketing channels and techniques Finding/Marketing Active Buyers SMS Templates Property Disposition Structure
  • Module 06: Closing
    Offer submission Rebuttal handling Address questions/concerns (H.R.A.I.Q.A.R) 5 Point Summary Contracts (Purchase and Sale + Assignment) Find Local Title Companies
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